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Traffic Ticket FAQ

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Traffic tickets can happen to anyone. With the right Syracuse traffic ticket lawyer on your side, you can protect yourself from the consequences of having points on your license, paying fines, and increased insurance premiums. Let Robert Sinesi Law Firm help. Since 1994, we have represented our clients to help them get out of tickets and preserve their driving records. During our free consultation, we can go over the details of your case to give you a clear picture of how to proceed.

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For most people, a traffic violation is a frustrating and confusing ordeal. Our firm offers helpful guidance to help you stop worrying about it and keep your driving record clean. Below, we have provided answers to some of the common questions our clients ask. If you need more information, we are happy to speak with you during a free consultation.

Why should I hire a lawyer for something as simple as a traffic ticket?

When you receive a traffic ticket, there are two major consequences besides the fines and court costs. Most traffic tickets carry points. If you get too many points within 18 months, you will lose your license. The state also imposes an additional monetary penalty of at least $300 if you get 6 points or more within 18 months.

The other major concern is your car insurance. A single moving violation could increase your rates by up to 50 percent for 3 years and 3 months. In certain cases, your insurance company will cancel you.

In almost every situation, we can help you to avoid those consequences. Our success rate is extremely high and we will only take your case if we expect a favorable result.

What actions result in a suspended license?

Your license can be suspended for a number of reasons.

Some of the most commons reasons are:

  • Accruing 11 points within 18 months
  • Receiving 3 speeding tickets within 18 months
  • Failing to respond to a traffic ticket
  • Allowing a lapse in insurance coverage

What are some common moving violations?

In New York we have tickets which carry anywhere from 0 to 11 points. Most moving violations carry 2–4 points, but some carry more.

The most common moving violations in New York are:

  • Speeding 1–10 mph over the speed limit: 3 points
  • Speeding 11–20 mph over the speed limit: 4 points
  • Speeding 20–30 mph over the speed limit: 6 points
  • Speeding 30–40 mph over the speed limit: 8 points
  • Speeding more than 40 mph over the speed limit: 11 points
  • Failure to obey a traffic control device: 2 points
  • Failure to obey a stop sign: 3 points
  • Failure to obey a red light: 3 points
  • Failure to keep right: 3 points
  • Driving the wrong way: 3 points
  • Following too closely: 4 points
  • Reckless driving: 5 points
  • Cell phone talking or texting: 5 points

For more information, visit the NYS DMV website.

Why should I hire Robert Sinesi Law Firm to help me?

Our firm focuses exclusively on traffic tickets and DWI charges—our bread and butter. We are well-known throughout Upstate New York, and we have a 99 percent success rate in reducing points. With relationships throughout the state of New York and the local legal community, we are confident in our ability to obtain a positive outcome on your behalf.

With us appearing in court for you, chances are good that you won’t ever have to set foot in court to have your ticket eliminated. In some cases, we can erase past convictions from your driving record as well.

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